Photography – A Magical Mystery To Solve

As a kid (and even as an adult) i have always really liked the board game Clue. As dumb as it was, I also really like the old Clue movie, lol. I loved collecting the clues and solving the mystery of “Who killed Professor Plum?” Or figuring out that it was Mrs. White in theContinue reading “Photography – A Magical Mystery To Solve”

3 Costly Mistakes Every Photographer Makes

We have all done it. At some point in our photography career, we have all “invested” in our craft only to feel like we are missing something. We do this to ourselves because we want to be great. The promise of getting there the easy way is very tempting. But it is rarely the bestContinue reading “3 Costly Mistakes Every Photographer Makes”

4 Simple Ways to Rest and Recharge Your Creativity

Everyone needs rest every once in a while. We need rest from our work, responsibilities, stress, or illness. Artists are no different. Sometimes we need a chance to recharge our creative energies and that can happen by simply resting from our normal creative outlet and doing something else. There are lots of ways people likeContinue reading “4 Simple Ways to Rest and Recharge Your Creativity”