What Matters in Personal Photography

I went out exploring yesterday at Allatoona Pass Battlefield. It was frosty cold outside and clear. We don’t get snow here hardly ever… So much for that. I did have to cut my excursion short unexpectedly, but I got a few shots in I really like, though.

This got me thinking about what really matters to me when it comes to my photography. I’ve learned it doesn’t matter much if I spend hours or even a whole day shooting or only a few minutes. What mattered yesterday, was that I used my brief time to get a little creative and enjoy the process.

I say this because I quickly realized as soon as I arrived in the parking area, I didn’t have much time. I sort of went into “panic mode” and rushed to get some shots. Some of my shots were more obvious, but as I was walking I took some motion blur shots of myself moving through the wooded path.

It also didn’t take long to find a really obviously interesting subject.

I guess while there is immense value in having patience and taking your time to wait for light and “the decisive moment” is very important and leads to better photos, so is the confinement of limitations. My limited time stretched my creativity very unexpectedly!

Have you noticed something similar in your own photography? Did you have an experience that limited you in a way that stretched your creativity? Please share your story in the comments section. I would love to hear.

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