What Is A Still Image?

I love to crochet. I have been crocheting since was about 12 years old, when my grandmother taught me. We didn’t have YouTube back then and honestly don’t remember having cool stores like Hobby Lobby in our area. So everything I knew came from her. I always could crochet since then, but my edges were always a little crooked and I have always struggled with reading patterns and their special jargon. As such, I never quite felt like could really crochet anything I wanted. So a few months ago, I went out and got one of those beginner crochet books. I didn’t feel like needed something so basic, but I knew I had missed a crucial step along the way. Right at the start of the very first beginner project, (a coaster) I realized that I never learned how to create a proper foundation chain! If you don’t crochet, that means I was starting off all my projects wrong. This led to really messed up projects.

My most recent crochet project, a Christmas tree skirt. I loved how this turned out! Triscuit is playing with his toys mouse in the foreground.

One of my Goals this year is to learn those things about photography that I didn’t already know. If I don’t get those basics down, I could be getting off on the wrong foot with my photos.

What am I missing?

I am kicking off my journey to relearn and bolster my photography with something super basic.

What Is A Still Image?

Definitions.net defines a still image as, “A photograph, drawing, painting. A still image is a single, static image, as distinguished from a moving image (i.e. a movie).”

There are several different ways to capture still life in photography.

  • Food Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Architecture Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Wildlife Photography

As I pursue new avenues and building up my photography career, I am considering all of these different types of photography. My greatest experience is in family portraits, but I would probably enjoy any of them.

High Shoals Falls, Dallas, GA

Yesterday, I went out exploring and found this beautiful falls!

Trailhead to High Shoals Falls

What is your photo-niche? What are your thoughts on the above types of photography?

Next Week: Digital Cameras

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2 thoughts on “What Is A Still Image?

  1. My favorite is scenery shots! Something I could put into a puzzle or hang on a wall. This could be scyscapes, nature, old buildings anything really. I’m only MEH at taking photos of people. I have gotten some really good ones, and candid photos I can do, but they’re not my favorite by far.

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    1. Yeas I love scenery shots, too. I never considered making it into a puzzle though! Cool idea! Do you ever do still life’s, like aesthetics of a particular season or something? I’ve thought about trying that sometime.


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