Halloween Special: Photographing a local Haunt Bridge

When I heard that Euharlee Covered Bridge, a site very close to where I live, was haunted, I couldn’t wait to get some photos and show you all. I also knew that I really wanted to shoot in black and white and on film. Sadly, I have no ghost sightings to share, but I do have a short story of the haunting of this old bridge, and a few tips for shooting black and white.

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The town lattice covered bridge goes all the way back to 1886. Built by Washington King and Jonathan H. Burke, the bridge is one of only 12 left in the state of Georgia. Nearby there is a beautiful park and the ruins of an old mill. Basically, its a really cool place that is wildly popular among photographers.

The subject is so compelling to me that I want the bridge and even the environment to speak very much for itself.

Local legend says that a young native american girl was hung from the rafters inside this bridge.

Euharleeans say you can hear the girl’s noose swaying back and forth.

The bridge was only one of the sights I love near this area. There is an old general store, a pre-civil war era church and cemetery, and small local businesses tucked away in nearby old buildings going back over 100 years.

All of the above images were shot on my Pentax ZXL camera on Arista Edu 100 film. Hope you enjoy!

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