1st Ever Photogvember!

I am so excited to announced to you the first ever Photogvember! Every day in the month of November, I am putting out a challenge to the photography community to create a new beautiful image.

An image a day for 30 days. Join photographers from around the globe as we challenge ourselves to take one photo a day in the entire month of November. Why? For ourselves, for our photography community, for fun!

The Rules:
1. Use your preferred camera to create your photos. This does include cell phone cameras, instant camera, DSLR or whatever kind of camera you like
2. Post your photo. Typically people will share via social media, but this is not necessary as long as you are sharing you work to someone else. Showing people helps us maintain consistancy, helps with the creative process, and helps us overcome creative anxiety.
3. A prompt list is provided on this page to assist in the creative process. While this helps to guide our creativity, it is not required.

Photogvember 2019 Prompt List.

You can photograph whatever you like. Please do not share nudity, dead animals, or generally vulgar material. Such material will be removed by the administrator of this page. You can create your own list of prompts.
Please tag your photos! #sharonbrownphoto #photogvember #photogvember2019

Published by Sharon Brown Photo

Private Photographer finding my style and way in the photography world

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