Are You Driving Your Family Photo Crazy? Do This Instead.

“If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” ~Romans 12:8

My family went to the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA not long ago. My family is well aware that my camera pretty much comes with me everywhere we go. So my tendency to irritate, annoy, and aggravate them all on our family trips knows few bounds. I have had to learn a few things, and I am ready to share my tips with you!

Moments like these can seem like an opportunity for our loved ones to learn the drastic significance of preserving these beloved memories…or not. More often, I have come to believe, they are opportunities for me to learn some self-control without abandoning my passion.

Carefully Choose Your Timing

For starters, my timing was not always the best. I’m not talking about light or composition. I am talking about realizing that this bustling tourist attraction is not made for perfect art shots. Strangers were constantly in the way, strolling in and out of my frame, utterly oblivious to my or my family’s existence. This really cramped my “artistic style”. I should have remembered that this was not the time for perfection, but rather about memory making.

Know That Candid Isn’t Always Possible

I rarely want my family looking right at the camera and smiling, but instead prefer candids of them enjoying the moment. This also does not always pan out as the natural reaction for some members of my family is to turn toward me straight on with striking a cheesy pose. Rather than correcting them and telling them to look away, which only results in a distinctively unnatural “candid” pose, I have them make a silly face which Bill is really amazing at.

It’s Okay to Give Up

At some point in our visit, I was definitely getting on everyone’s nerves and resorted to a mini photowalk. I didn’t wander off, but I did back off and focus on the sights, of which I found plenty of subjects. It also gave me a bit of time to play around with settings and composition.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Yourself!

Ultimately I was able to enjoy our trip to the World of Coca-Cola, where I may have just ruined the trip for everyone involved. I won’t lie. It came kinda close at one point. In the end, our family survived the day in tact.

I hope my slightly hard learned lessons have helped you. If you have any suggestions on how you avoid driving your family crazy with your photography, I would love to hear about it, and I’m sure the other readers would appreciate it, too!

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4 thoughts on “Are You Driving Your Family Photo Crazy? Do This Instead.

  1. Ha! My husband is very patient with me, but I am definitely photo obsessed. What’s funny is that he takes far more people pictures than I do though. I haven’t visited World of Coca-cola yet. Looks crazy crowded!

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