4 Simple Ways to Rest and Recharge Your Creativity

Everyone needs rest every once in a while. We need rest from our work, responsibilities, stress, or illness. Artists are no different. Sometimes we need a chance to recharge our

creative energies and that can happen by simply resting from our normal creative outlet and doing something else.

There are lots of ways people like to rest. Taking time for yourself and doing something unproductive for a day is not only really enjoyable, it is necessary for us to be able to give our best during the busy times. Bubble baths, reading good books, and solving crossword puzzles are popular choices and I certainly endorse them all. But here are some of my favorite ways to rest, relax and recharge.

1. Binge Watching

When I really want to be inspired creatively, I love certain photographers on Youtube, such as Peter McKinnon, Sean Tucker, and Ted Forbes at The Art of Photography and his artist series. Really any artist that inspires you will work.

If just an escape is all I want then I love watching uplifting Netfix or free on demand movies. When my mood is lifted, I feel more energized and inspired. I love christian movies like God’s Not Dead, I Can Only Imagine, and War Room. They are excellent mood lifters.

2. Bible Study and Journaling

I love studying my bible. I am continually amazed at the revelations I receive each time I read it. I also find bible study very relaxing. It calms my mind and helps me to understand the world around me when life gets overwhelming. Plus, as an art lover, my interests are not limited to photography. God’s word has been the inspiration to countless works of the greatest art ever created and can really inspire me to create tiny works of art on the pages of my journaling bible. I use a variety of art supplies, but my favorites are watercolor paints and colored pencils.

3. A Cozy Blanket

Any true day of rest for me includes my favorite snuggly blanket. A good friend made it for me as a Christmas gift many years ago and no other blanket is anywhere near as cozy.

4. Sheldon’s Right:

A Warm beverage is perfect to calm the nerves and unwind. I love all of them. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, Apple cider, you name it! As I write this I’m battling a little cold and sore throat and my favorite tea is Traditional Medicinals Teas Throat Coat.

So there it is. My favorite ways to relax. What do you like to do when you are relaxing? I would love to hear from you! Have a great week.

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Private Photographer finding my style and way in the photography world

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