Return to Pine Mountain

I did it! I made it to the summit and I didn’t die of heat stroke! In July, I hiked a portion of the west loop trail of Pine Mountain. 

View from Archer’s Overlook

This time, I paced myself and planned my hike for a slightly cooler time of day. I felt really discouraged that I had gotten so badly out of shape, that I vowed I would go back and make it to the top next time.

The incredible view was a sight for sore eyes. And legs, and back…
From the summit, the view of Plant Bowen. Very close to where I live.
View of Lake Allatoona
My triumphant selfie!

I would love to return in the fall for some beautiful fall colors photos!  Part of the reason I started this blog was because i wanted to share my photos and see your photos, too. I would love to see your summer hike photos! You can share any style of photography: landscapes, macro, family pics, anything! Please share!

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