My Favorite Photography Gear

As I introduce myself (check out “Who Am I?” if you haven’t already), I wanted to show you some of my favorite tools and equipment whether I am outdoors on a photo-hike or slumming at home. My DSLR camera is the most obvious, so I wont be starting with that, but you can check out the link above if you are interested. There are links to products on this post and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I just have to let you know.

Traveling light is a pretty big priority for me, so this list should be short, but somehow it is kind of long. Sorry about that. Ok here it is. Drumroll, please….

Cell Phone- Whether I am at home or out and about, I love how handy my cell phone camera is! It’s small and light, its always on hand, and I think it takes really nice pictures. I use the Lightroom App sometimes for those shots where I really want more manual control. It lets me choose ISO, aperture, and shutter speed! I also do almost all of my editing in LR.

Another nice thing about my cell phone is the huge array of apps to edit my photos. I can adjust brightness, contrast, and color. I can add filters, and lens flare and all sorts of cool effects just for fun. In addition to LR, I also love Lens Distortion, Snapseed, and Pixaloop.

I also love the Nikon app WMU for importing my photos directly from my camera to my phone. If you camera has this feature, definitely take advantage of it. I love editing on my laptop in Photoshop and Lightroom, but often the apps on my phone suffice just fine and I can share them immediately!

It’s always nice to listen to podcasts or music on Pandora while I am hiking in Pine Mountain or walking around town in Cartersville. Something about the energy of the music I listen to or the tone of a podcast inspires me to see the world in a new perspective.

When at a loss for good hiking locations, Hiking Pro app is really handy. It pulls up all the hiking trails in my area as well as reviews, maps, and wildlife information.

Lowepro is kind of known for pretty good quality in camera bag backpacks. They are fairly discrete, lightweight, and well organized inside. I also love that there is room for non-camera stuff, too, like the laptop sleeve. While smaller purse/messenger style bags are more minimalist, I always seem to need more space, so this fits the bill perfectly without being a huge mountaineer camera bag.

Tripods. I have two. One is a 6 foot tripod and mono-pod in one. The monopod is great for photographing local plays and high school sporting events. The normal tripod is really handy for self-portraits and night photography and long exposures. It has a handle and is fairly lightweight so it travels pretty well and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

I also love my flexible tripod. I got mine at Walmart a long time a go and I don’t remember the name brand, but it was about $15 and you can probably still get it there. Basically you can get it almost anywhere, use it in the weirdest configurations because it’s incredibly bendy and its great for self portraits, when I’m on a hike. The last thing I am wanting to haul around the north Georgia mountains is my 6 foot tripod, ya know?

Taken at Pine Mountain on my cell phone using my flexible tripod.

When I travel locally or on vacation, I always bring my DSLR. I can’t help it. Somehow doing without it will drive me totally crazy. So I bring it. But one lens is perfect for everything I will want to photograph, and that is my 18-55mm. It is the kit lens and does everything I want. Wide angles, portraits, night shots, macro, you name it! I also have a 70-300mm kit lens, and it is terrific for landscapes and portraits, but when traveling light, the 18-55 is everything I need it to be.

Taken on the river walk in Savannah, GA at sunset
ISO 6400 F4.5 1/60

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