Who Am I?

I have posted some of my photography so far but I haven’t really done a detailed introduction. So here goes…

Hello from Taylorsville, GA! Don’t know where that is? That’s ok, neither does anybody else. We are in farm country north of Atlanta. Lots of cows. And trees. Sometimes I can hear the donkey up the road. And smell the cattle from a neighboring farm. And yes, I LOVE it. 

Bill is my husband and he can put any jack-of-all-trades seriously to shame. Officially, he is a financial software programmer. It is a fancy title for being an accountant that works in one’s and zeros and is on call all the time. When he isn’t doing that, he is constantly working on something, from appliance repair to chef to seamstress. Oh and a comedian. I would say amatuer, except he gets so much practice. The picture above is from a recent trip to World of Coke in Atlanta. 
We have two kids, both grown and basically out of the house. Will is an EMT and loves outdoor sports. Abigail is in college as a music major and lo as to sing and be impossibly more girly than me. Both of them are sick of me photographing them. So I have to find new subjects. 

We have a dog and a cat, Marley and Triscuit, respectively. Triscuit is the alpha of the house, as I understand to be typical of cats. Marley is, I believe based on his physical and psychological traits, a pitt-lab mix. If you don’t know what I mean by psychological traits, pitbull tend to have a major dopey side, and Marley is no exception. 

That leaves me. I am an avid bible reader and am a complete sucker for apocalyptic end times conspiracy theories. I also love crochet, watercolor, and sketch art which I sometimes share on my Instagram. I keep trying my hand at sewing, but trust me when I say, you don’t want to see that hot mess yet. Photography is the only thing that I’ve gotten pretty good at. But I have not found my style at all. I am always experimenting with tricks, techniques, and tools. 

That is sort of why I wanted to start this blog. I wanted to play around with these ideas I try out and share them with you.  I would love to know who I am talking to, so drop me a line and share a little bit about yourself!

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4 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Love your line, “But I have not found my style at all.” – I’m currently working on a presentation “Style – theirs, mine, and YOURS”. Maybe you can tell me more. My “gateway” is Café Ludwig – cafeludwig.com

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